Open Beta!

Well I don’t post on Social Media really ever but my first game launch is happening this week and I’m really very excited about it. It’s called Combat Casino RPG. It is a turn based RPG Roguelite. It features NO ADS. NO PAY TO WIN. oh and IT’S 100% FREE. You can pay to unlock content right now, or pay to revive yourself. But, I designed it so that it takes about 15m of play to earn a revive. One run takes about thirty minutes. There are four classes, and four zones right now. That’s Only the start of the content however. I have several more classes, zones, upgrades and monsters in the works as well as more meta-progression systems.

If I haven’t sold you yet, The main mechanic of the game is a slot machine. You fight monsters by playing a slot machine. It’s awesome.

Get it here:
Steam release coming.

Thanks for your time,
Skylor Beck