Three Day Dragons

So I just managed to break out of a pretty serious rut. I just released my first real game, Combat Casino only a few weeks ago and I hit a bit of burnout. Just a few days but it was pretty severe. I had a bunch of ideas so I sat down and started one, and it took weeks. When I got it in a place where it was good enough to push out, I couldn’t find the will to upload it. It wasn’t good enough on reflection. Still isn’t. There’s a potentially experience ruining save migration bug and I don’t have the resources to properly test for it. If anyone has any save from before update 27 and I haven’t updated the game past 42, let me know.

Three Day Dragons are miniature bouts of depression I sometimes get. I’ll have the feeling that I’m just not doing enough and I’m going to be poor and die alone. Doesn’t matter that last month I put more time into this project than I did literally anything else. I self crunched but out of love for my project and without even realizing it. Now I’m crunching because I feel like I owe it to people to make a good product. A fun game.

I am ever thankful for anyone who supports me like my family and my significant other.