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  • 10/19/2021

Folder structure Class Structure Below the example of the base blacksmith class. As you can see, at the core it’s essentially an Origin. resetlevel, branchatX and the consuming powertype will be written about at a future date. Powers are handled by Origins as per the Origins wiki. There are a handful of additional powers that need to be written about. Advancement Structure Extremely simple, this. Every single one of these looks like this. But they have to follow the folder format as per the first entry on this page. The filenames must match exactly.

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  • 09/29/2021
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Today is the day! I’ve been working very hard for the last two months on a new mod. Thanks to Striker99974 for commissioning it! We both hope it does well so we can continue to work on it. I’ve made an infographic below that hopefully will explain enough to get you interested. Get it on Curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/exaltation

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  • 08/10/2021
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So I’ve opened my doors to Minecraft Modding Commissions and Karlgane564 requested this wonderful little mod. If you have ever played with Iron Chests or a furnace upgrading mod before, you will feel right at home. Curseforge GitHub

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